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Current Exhibit

Colors of Humanity Art Gallery "Red"

Focusing more on my art in 2024, I am honored to announce that Colors of Humanity Art Gallery has selected two of my artistic creations “Lonely Addiction Breastplate” and “Power in Pain Pendant” for inclusion in the February 2024 show, “Red.”


My artistic creations were created during “Materials Refresh” class at the Baltimore Jewelry Center. We were inspired to recreate new items from materials tossed away by others. My two designs are a stretch from my typical work but I enjoyed creating these unique pieces.


Your purchase of art can have a wider impact. For this exhibit, Colors of Humanity Art Gallery has donated 10% of all entry fees to the Red Cross. I donate 10% of my sales as well. Colors of Humanity Art Gallery is not affiliated with the Red Cross, nor is Inspired Design Studio. 

Lonely Addiction Breastplate

Red is lonely.

This piece was inspired by discarded trash, searching for beauty in drug paraphernalia found in the alley behind our architectural office. Inside, architects designed functional beauty to improve lives, while outside, neighborhood addicts found comfort in the evil contents of vials.

Discarding the colorful caps and leaving not a trace of their true selves, I envision an Individual Drug User as the central Red Vial surrounded by other like-minded individuals, yet so painfully alone. $200

Power in Pain Pendant

Red is powerfully painful.


This piece was inspired by discarded shoes found in thrift stores. Searching for beauty and geometry in the curves, I deconstructed the shoes and became fascinated with the strong metal arch support, one of which I wrapped in painful red cording.


Women and men seem to be intrigued by high-heeled shoes, despite the negative health benefits of foot pain in heels and arches. The stiletto heel became a symbol of femininity and power. The stiletto name alone (taken from a long thin knife) invokes pain.


This piece suggests another way to wear stilettos - around one’s neck, suspended by the chains of consumer and peer pressure. $250

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